Brad's Sound Company

Serving Darwin & the Northern Territory


Brad's Sound Company is the proud owner of an extensive range of Peavey Pro Audio equipment

Our loudspeaker systems are exclusively Peavey's superb QW2 & QW218 series.

Our amplifiers are Peavey's legendary CS series.

Our full concert system boasts 32,480 Watts of amplifier power allowing a maximum SPL in excess of 140db

Our loudspeaker system is controlled by two Peavey VSX26 digital processors

Peavey also supplies our extensive range of graphic equalisers & compressors.

Our Sound consoles include Soundcraft Si Expression 3 digital console, Peavey 16Fx, 24Fx, 32FX & our main console...the superb Yamaha IM8-32

We offer a very extensive range of microphones... featuring the world class Shure KSM9 condensers for discerning vocalists.

For the ladies we have the superb AKG Elle C....tailored to suit the female voice.

As any good sound company should have....a plentiful supply of Shure's industry standard SM57/58.....both cable & wireless

For vocal groups...the Audix ADX51 condensers

We have plenty of Audio Technica, AKG, Audix, & Sennheiser instrument the superb Audix DP8 drum mics.

For MCs, singers, actors we have an extensive range of wireless headsets & earsets.

For acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards etc...we have plenty of active DI boxes...both stereo & mono.

Brad's Sound Company rely on Lexicon for our digital effects processing

For Stereo playback from laptops, ipods etc we offer the Radial J + 4 Stereo interface for optimum sound quality

For monitor (foldback) speakers we offer 6 x Peavey SP15Ms. Top quality foldbacks rated at 1000watts program.

Our sound consoles have the versatility for 6 separate foldback mixes on stage.


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Our Equipment Inventory

Brad’s Sound Company is dedicated to a program of continual development & refinement of our Sound Systems to deliver quality sound reinforcement to suit any venue …from 50 to 3000 people. The sound to be as loud as required…but with the clarity expected from top class Pro Audio equipment... For information video, click HERE.

While we have an extensive range of analogue equipment, we now concentrate on upgrading our inventory with digital equipment and DMX controlled LED lighting.



8 x Peavey QW218 subwoofers… 3200watt program, 6400watt peak
8 x Peavey QW2F mid/highs….1600watt program, 3200watt peak
2 x Peavey SP15M stage monitors, 1000watt program, 2000watt peak
12 x QSC KW112 self powered speakers (1000w each)
6 x QSC K-sub 2 x 12" self powered subwoofers (1000W each)
2 x QSC KW153  self powered 3 way loudspeakers
4 x QSC KW118 self powered 18" subwoofers
4 x Yamaha DSR 112 self powered speakers... 1000w each  
1 X Peavey 150 watt KB5 keyboard amp/speaker
2 X Yamaha C215 (2 x 15" + horn)

Power amplifiers:
2 x Crown XTi 6002 ... 4040watts @ 4ohm (6000W @ 2ohm)
2 x Crown XTi 2002 .. 2000watts @ 2ohm
8 x Peavey CS4080 ….4080watt @ 4 ohms
2 x Peavey CS3000 ….3000watt @ 4 ohms
3 x Peavey CS2000 ….2150watt @ 2 ohms
3 of 6 x 15amp outlet 32amp 3phase 240 volt distribution boxes 
2 x 12RU rack cases with castors & breakout panel
Various 4RU and 6RU amp rack cases

Effects racks:
4 x Lexicon digital effects processors
3 x Peavey VSX26 DSP loudspeaker management controllers
13 x Peavey QF131.... 31 band Graphic Equalizers
1 x Peavey PV231.... dual 31 band Graphic Equalizers
1 x Peavey PV215 ... Dual 15 band Grapic Equalizer
1 x Peavey PV131... 31 band Graphic Equalizer
2 x Peavey CEL-2a Dual Compressor – Gate – Limiters
1 x PreSonus ACP88 Eight-Channel Compressor - Limiter - Gate
1 x Samson power conditioner – 240 volt distribution unit
1 x Digitech double CD player
2 x 16RU rack cases with castors
1 x 20RU mixer rack case (houses Peavey 16FX mixer, EQs, Amps etc. as required)

Mixing consoles:

Soundcraft Si Expression 3: 32 Channel digital console..... 32 mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 16 outputs. remotely controlled with Ipad.... 32ch Digital Stagebox...MADI over CAT5
Soundcraft Si Expression 2: As above, but a 24 channel mixer (32Ch when used with stagebox)
Soundcraft Si Expression 1: As above but a compact rack mounted 16 Channel console (32 channel when connected to digital stagebox).
Yamaha IM8-32:….large format, 32 mono input channels plus 4 stereo. 8 aux sends & 8 subgroups. 4 mute groups.4 band channel PEQ, Stereo, mono & 4 x 11 matrix output
Allen & Heath: Compact 6 and 12 channel analogue mixers with effects .
Yamaha: - 2 x 6ch mixers.

Vocal: 4 x Sennheiser 1800mhz wireless mics with 945 super cardioid capsules
2 x Shure KSM9…world class Condenser stage mics.
2 x AKG Ellie C….condenser to suit female voice
4 x Shure Betta 58A ….super cardoid dynamic
15 x Shure SM58 …. Industry standard dynamic
4 x Shure SM58 wireless mics
1 x Chaiyo/Neatron Wireless headsets
4 x Samson Airless Micro wireless earsets
3 x Samson Airless 77 vocal Headsets
8 x Audix ADX51 condensers (suit vocal groups or instruments)

10 x Shure SM57….versatile, suits most instruments
4 x Sennheiser 906e….for guitar cabs…percussion & bass
1 x Audix DP7 drum kit… 7 piece set to match each drum type
1 x Shure Beta 52 …super cardoid bass mic ...(Other bass mics available ... Shure Beta91, AKG112)
2 x AKG C1000s ….versatile use for any job mic
1 x Shure Green Bullet Harmonica mic
2 x Behringer mini shotgun mics…acoustic instruments

DI Boxes:
I x Radial ProD2 passive stereo direct box
2 x Radial J+4 active stereo interface
5 x DBX active direct boxes
2 x Behringer active direct boxes
2 x Carillon tube pre amps

Microphone: 10 x straight, quick adjustable
10 x high boom stands
10 x short boom stands
3 x mini boom stands
Speaker:   8 x adjustable high speaker stands up to 2 metre
2 x winch up high speaker stands to 3.3 metre
Various low height speaker stands including custom stands

100+ XLR…from 1 metre to 100 metres, plus an extensive list of patch,  instrument & stereo cabling.
200 metres of 4 core 4mm speaker cabling in various lengths with Nuetric Speakon connectors

Multicore Stage boxes/looms:
Soundcraft digital stagebox with 50metre CAT5 cable
1 x 30 metre - all XLR…30 return, 10 sends with Stage box
2 x 50 metre – all XLR 16 returns, 4 sends with stage box
2 x 20 metre - all XLR ….12 return, 4 sends with stage box
4 x 8 core x 6 metre XLR looms for monitor console split
4 x 8 core x 3 metre XLR looms for splitter box to multicores

2 x 15 metre 12 returns
1 x 15 metre 8 returns
1 x 8 metre 8 returns

4 x 230w zoom/moving  head  fixtures
24 AVE flat pars
28 x ADJ Mega Flat LED pars
24 x par56 cans
2 x 120W follow spots
LSC Mantra DMX contoller
2 x Event lighting DMX contollers
Custom and factory built stands and crossbars

12 panels 2.4m x 1.2m fully carpeted
Stage sizes up to 7.2m x 4.8m ... 300mm, 600mm or 900mm high with steps.
2.4m x 1.8m drum riser.
Black skirting available

60 metres of cable protection ramps ...2 channel yellow/black
3 x 32 amp 3 phase to 6 outlet 15amp 240volt distribution boxes
70 metres of 3 phase cabling
Hundreds of metres of 15amp and 10amp cabling
Black 10amp cabling in both GPO and IEC in lengths from 1m to 20m
Power boards with 4, 6 or 8 outlets

17” HP laptop with 30,000 songs
8 metre x 4 metre free standing shade structure
2.4 metre x 1.8 metre x 300mm carpeted drum riser
8 metre x 2.2 metre Black stage backdrop
Iveco HP50-17 equipment transport

Above: Albert Stanley - our audio/lighting technician


Above: Our 4 way QSC rig .... KW153 over KW181 subwoofers


Happy with our new hats...!!!