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About Brad's Sound Company

Brad Brad Perry...."We keep no secrets from you"

Brad Perry's Sound career began by chance in 2007

Brad met his lovely future wife Shinta when she visited Australia on business from Yogyakarta Indonesia that year. She asked Brad if he could find a Church for her to visit while in Darwin, and for Brad to accompany her.

They attended the Philadelphia Indonesian Uniting Church in Karama. A charismatic style of service full of song and music....but with a sound system that did no justice to the talent of the singers....plenty of hum and buzzing, feedback, too loud or too quiet...

It seems the church had no technicaly competant person to look after the sound. While Brad had limited sound system knowledge, (but considerable engineering & electrical experience) he was soon asked to look after all the church technical requirments.

Brad took a crash course in sound engineering...studying hard on the internet and text books in search of knowledge....

Improvements were made to the system setups....Brad was developing a passion for quality Church sound...any job in God's house must be tackled 'in pursuit of excellence'...

A special AV control booth was built, but the old equipment was never going to be good enough. The Church had no budget to upgrade, so Brad took it as his personal mission to purchase and install a 'pro audio' sound system.

Brad set about continually upgrading his knowledge & the standard of Church equipment...including a stage & major acoustic improvements.

After 3 years of learning and development Brad considered the Church audio was approaching the level of excellence that he aspired to achieve.

During his time with the Indonesian church, Brad attended many cultural community events. One thing soon became obvious... the sound was always substandard ...even when supplied by the local 'Big Guy' sound operators.

After one such disgraceful effort from a 'pro operator'... his wife turned to him and said "Please stop complaining, if you think you can do better, then start your own sound business"

Brad certainly needed no further prompting..

In November 2010 Brad purchased a very considerable quantity of 'Pro Audio' equipment....with the aim of providing community groups ( & the local entertainment industry) access to a very high standard of audio equipment & service at affordable rates.

Brad's Sound Company's staff maintain the highest standards of service & some of the finest pro audio equipment in Darwin. Our passion is quality Sound...

Above: Brad sets up the drum kit with Audix DP series mics at the Youth Week 'Big Gig'

Church Singers

Above: Philadelphia Indonesian Church Singers

Father Christmas

Above: Brad (as Father Christmas) 'plays' "Smoke On The Water"

Above: Brad's crew set up the Peavey QW series 'Big Rig' at Darwin's May Day Concert

Above: Brad and Albert - ready for some loudspeaker maintenance